Dr. Daniel Dewey, MD

Board Certified in Family and Emergency Medicine



Dr. Dewey is from Minnesota and lives with his family in Minneapolis. He has 16 years of experience as a doctor. He has seen thousands of patients in the acute care setting as an emergency room physician over the last 12 years. He is double board certified - Emergency Medicine and Family Medicine. He completed a two year fellowship in Emergency Ultrasound and has taught Emergency Ultrasound to other providers at National and International conferences. He decided to provide these services to fill the gap between the costly time consuming ER visit and the clinic visit where you usually can’t get in quick enough or the service isn’t provided. 



  • Mobile medical home visit doctor - we come to you

  • Urgent care services from an ER doctor 

  • IV s - iv fluids, vitamins

  • IV migraine  headache treatments 

  • Covid  19 telemedicine  advice  

  • Wound care - cuts, lumps, abscesses,  bites and pokes, infected nails, stuck fishhooks or other foreign bodies,  poison  ivy,  cellulitis/skin  infections  etc.

  • Dental  infections 

  • Ultrasound services - pregnancy, deep vein thrombosis, screening echocardiogram,  gallbladder  

  • Kidney stone IV treatment 

  • Work  note  for  minor  illness  

  • Urinary  tract infection testing  and  treatment

  • Rapid  strep  testing  and  treatment

  • Sports  physicals  for  school 

  • Empiric treatment for STDs 

Contact and Scheduling

To schedule a service and to learn more, visit: or contact Dr. Dewey at or call 612-217-7434.